A New Tool to Ensure the Safety of Your Workplace.

Our talented team of developers have quickly built a new tool to assist Ontario enterprises with their daily COVID-19 screening requirements.  This COVID-19 screening aid allows your business or organization to text and/or email employees a scheduled or manual daily request to answer the recommended screening questions, which the employees can do so with ease on any device before they even arrive at the workplace.

Safely assess as per current provincial requirements and track response status or more importantly the lack of a response to enforce your reporting protocols at your workplace while saving time.  This screening tool makes it simple to monitor the well-being of employees before they arrive at the workplace, in order to avoid the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  When an employee has completed a self-assessment, their manager will be able to view if they are cleared or not cleared to enter the workplace, which they can use to either follow-up or signal that they are clear to enter the workplace.

This app is easy-to-use with secure reporting tools for questionnaire scheduling, employee listing, user privacy, company information and a host of other features.

Our application is focused on helping employers keep their workers and workplace safe during the pandemic. Let’s work together to stop the spread.

Learn more about the Screening Aid application here.

Our COVID-19 Screening App for Organizations – November 2020