Websdepot’s TotalSECURE

TotalSECURE is a layered security solution that includes preventative measures that have been designed for your company to minimize security risks.  Our cyber security services are carefully designed and adjusted to improve the protection of your systems and your networks. Our antivirus services are designed to ensure that your data, files, emails, and connections are always secure and guarded from malware, phishing scams, and other cyber threats.

As digital transformation continues to change the workplace, your organization will need a provider that can offer cyber security and data protection services that you can rely on. This will help protect your brand, business and corporate intelligence.

Core Service – Security Appliance:

– Managed security appliance more commonly referred to as a firewall is deployed onsite and monitored 24×7. Optional High Availability and backup DSL internet connectivity is available.

– All traffic flowing in and out of your data network can be monitored based on a predetermined set of rules for core services like intrusion detection and transparent employee web content filtering.

Antivirus Services:

– Anti-virus independent vendors at gateway level and at system level.
– Anti-spam independent vendors at server level and at gateway level.
– Anti-malware independent vendors at gateway level and at system level.

Data Protection:

There are continuous concerns about data breaches surrounding privacy and the associated liabilities, which can include lawsuits and even bankruptcies in some cases. Companies have the responsibility to ensure that their customer, vendor and employee data are protected. Websdepot’ s Managed Security Services ensure that the appropriate sized security measures are taken to protect your most important corporate asset.