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Work Outside the Box

With Filesafe Cloud your home office is wherever your work takes you that day.
Access your data on any device.
Work on your files offline or online.
Sync your data across computers on any network.

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Share Files and Folders

Filesafe Cloud allows you to share any size file or folder with custom permissions. A file or folder can be shared with:

A regular Filesafe Cloud user – shared file or folder will show up in their “Shared with Me” folder.

A guest user with authentication – shared via a password protected link.

General public – shared via an emailed unique temporary download link.

Control Your Data

Easily fine tune your corporate permissions and policies with a branded administrative console to self-manage and audit data sharing centrally including:

Recycle bin support to restore deleted files.

Custom email notification policy.

HIPAA compliant auditing.

Automatic file versioning.


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100% Canadian based Filesafe Cloud is a file collaboration solution that allows every industry to firmly own its data yet easily work outside the box!Dominik Kawnik, President - Websdepot