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Your One Stop Shop for All of Your Technology Needs.

In a constantly changing digital world, it is increasingly essential for businesses to have the right technology services and tools that can help them achieve their objectives.

Websdepot Technology Partners Inc. is a Managed Services Provider that provides a dynamic range of IT services that includes computer maintenance, server and network monitoring, help desk IT support, private cloud services, cyber security, data centre operations, web applications and much more!

Our organization wants to work with you to accomplish your goals by implementing technology services and applications that integrate into your workflow and business operations. We serve the Greater Toronto Area and beyond in order to provide the best technology services that benefit your business or organization.

Save Time and Reduce Costs

We can solve your IT issues quickly and efficiently, which in turn gives you more time and resources to focus on your business.

We understand that IT costs can be highly unpredictable and that small businesses cannot always afford to hire multiple in house IT staff.  Systems can fail, websites go down, and computers can break at any time, resulting in sudden, unexpected costs that ruins your budget.

However, we offer our IT services at fixed monthly rates, resulting in predictable and stable costs for your business that meets all of your requirements. Websdepot is focused on delivering high quality IT services, so that you can have complete peace of mind as your organization focuses on its objectives.

Have Access to a Team of Qualified IT Professionals

Technologies are constantly evolving, requiring that staff be familiar with a wide range of products and environments. Websdepot can provide you with the resources, specialists, and infrastructure to deliver technology services at the highest levels of quality and service.

Our Help Desk Support team of experienced specialists will be available to assist with your technology needs. The help desk team monitors your network 24/7, in order to prevent potential problems before they occur. We also solve over 85% of day-to-day issues within 10 minutes of contacting us.

Websdepot provides the technical infrastructure and expertise that can give your business the competitive advantage by assisting with any hardware or software issues in order to keep your business operations running smoothly.

Protect Your Data with Cyber Security Services

Data and security protection is vital to any organization as cyber attacks and data breaches continue to increase and result in lost information and expensive recovery costs. Data hacks have happened to all enterprises both large and small with nearly 4000 cyber attacks happening every single day. All companies have the responsibility to ensure that their customer, vendor and employee data are protected. Websdepot has the right cyber security protections to protect your organization.

We monitor your networks and implement preventative measures in order to minimize security risks. We continue to adjust and adapt our security services so that we can provide the best protection for your systems and your networks.

There are many benefits to having managed services for your business, especially in a constantly changing digital landscape that presents new challenges and opportunities. At Websdepot, our mission is to be a partner in your success by implementing the right technology solutions for your organization in order to help you grow and succeed.

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