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Eurapp: Voice, Sync, & Connect:

Scalable and highly available infrastructure that is designed by Websdepot and is fully managed as an on-demand pay-per-use service that securely extends your current office resources and applications onto your private cloud platform.

Unlike other managed services providers, Websdepot has its own data centres to ensure that your data is stored securely from threats and can be recovered. Our data centres help facilitate your IT operations and to make sure that your business has the digital infrastructure it needs in order to succeed efficiently and effectively.

Read, Listen, Be Heard:

A fully unified and managed communications solution for data productivity that includes email, voicemail, and other messaging systems that extends from one office to multiple corporate locations seamlessly.

Your Data, Your Way:

A corporate data management solution that is made for easy private collaboration. This solution enables everything from simple online file sharing to having dedicated file servers to save and backup important documents.

Be Connected, Be Protected:

A secure connectivity solution for proactive security and guaranteed uptime that scales from one to many internet links and fully managed wired and wireless networks.

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