It has been with great satisfaction that I have watched Websdepot adapt and grow to meet the ever changing IT requirements of our clients. Along the way I have made many mistakes but I always learned from those mistakes to better serve my personal goals for Websdepot, my staff’s development and our client’s daily IT challenges. I will not pretend that it was always easy to learn quickly enough however we have always been able to make IT easy for our clients. It is hard work to make IT easy.

Many businesses have been chanting the “easy to do business with” mantra and I think that is just a given unless you have something to offer no one else does. That is extremely rare and doesn’t last forever. Example, RIM and their blackberry or Apple and their iPad. It doesn’t take long for others to copy a brilliant technology idea or improve on an unique IT service delivery concept yet it is the easy factor that translates into success. Apple made everything easy and has maintained momentum while RIM who now operates under Blackberry falters as perceived as difficult to do business with. Loyalty can only take you so far and that has been another lesson I learned along the way. Luckily from the day I started the company back in 2002 I understood that clients deserve better than to feel insecure and uncomfortable with what they were spending or not spending their IT budgets on. I made it as easy for them as possible to explain the technology, to receive the service and to budget for the service.

I’ve been asked how exactly we do that on a small business budget with what is currently a small but growing IT team to serve at a consistent level big or small clients locally in Markham or as far as New Zealand. Well it does take hard work to standardize processes and hire well so that the personality is as strong as the technical skillset. The influence of the engineers on our staff certainly nailed down the standardization of processes and the implementation of billing, collaboration and managed services tools to do more with less. Yet it was the personality that brought it all together. When the personality is open to learning and realizes that IT never sleeps in terms of advancement it is easier to enjoy IT. When people enjoy what they do it shows in their work and they are able to truly want to put themselves as I request during every monthly status meeting into our client’s shoes. Websdepot treats their client’s business like it was their own. You will see this statement, really a mission statement on much of our marketing material.

The complete mission statement is “To make IT easy for Websdepot clients by treating their business like it was our own day in and day out.” Any IT managed service provider who can do this will be a trusted IT partner for life and grow as the client grows. It has been my sincere pleasure to witness the power of this simplicity on a very complex technology filled world and demanding business climate. Websdepot has grown every year because of it and most importantly so has our clients’ success regardless of how they measure it.

I welcome you to contact me directly to learn more about our hands-on personal touch. I will be in the meantime doing my best to communicate regularly via this “President’s Blog” in between the regular conversations as I simply do not get enough time lately to meet and talk with all of you, our wonderful clients as often as I would like to keep learning from you!

To your success,

Dominik Kawnik
President – Websdepot Technology Partners Inc.
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