Supporting Critical Industries Across Canada and Beyond


Manufacturing is one of the industries most affected by digital transformation with new technologies impacting workflows and demand.  Although this can cause new challenges for many businesses, it also creates many opportunities as well. We have the services, expertise, and resources to implement solutions that can aid your organization’s competitiveness.

Websdepot has designed and implemented different technology services that increase efficiency and productivity in this sector. Our custom made web applications can organize expenses, automate functions, help organize work tasks and increase productivity.  You deserve to have the right tools and software that you can customize for your working needs and to streamline tasks with the simple click of a button!


We understand and appreciate the efforts of healthcare and regulatory bodies, that is why it is imperative for these organizations to have the right technology services and tools to help treat patients with the highest quality of care. Our experienced team of IT professionals work closely with you to determine ideal solutions that will best meet your needs.

We offer single point of contact for assistance with all issues such as help desk support, managed services, maintaining computer hardware, 24/7 server monitoring, software management, private cloud platforms with HIPAA compliant auditing, data backup, and cyber security services to protect your information.  We have the experience and resources to help with your specific IT needs.

Warehousing & Distribution

Warehousing and distribution service companies need to leverage technology in order to manage inventory, increase visibility, and communicate better with customers. Technology services can quickly become a competitive advantage in the wholesale and distribution industry and you need a partner that can guide you through these IT decisions and modernization initiatives that will provide growth and success for your company.

We draw our solutions from an established playbook of technical resources and IT experts and tailor our work to your specific needs.  Our Managed IT Services has helped clients increase efficiency, reduced and eliminated order and shipment errors, and enhanced operations in an industry that often suffers from shrinking margins and increasing competitive pressures. Websdepot has the expertise and resources to help your organization tackle these challenges.

Legal Firms

There are a number of technology needs that are involved with the legal business, particularly among firms that require high-quality services to access client data, real time updates to critical files, 24/7 technical support, and stringent security measures that safeguard corporate information and prevent data breaches.

Websdepot’s team of IT experts can implement private cloud platforms and unified communications solutions that extend your office resources to help save time, reduce costs, and increase productivity for your employees. We will deliver innovative, secure and flexible IT enterprise solutions with tangible results that will grow and evolve with your law firm’s technology requirements.

Engineering & Construction

Engineering and construction companies need their technology and networks to work just as hard as they do. We have worked with engineering firms and construction companies throughout the Greater Toronto Area by providing them critical network monitoring, computer maintenance, and help desk support. As new challenges emerge from digital transformation, it is essential to have the technical support from an experienced managed services provider that has the resources to take your business to the next level.

That is why the team at Websdepot has created innovative web applications such as Invoicetime to organize expenses, automate functions, schedule work tasks, and keep track of various projects and equipment that belong to your organization. Invoicetime is a useful tool to help your organization manage project budgets, time sheets, billing payments, and other business functions. Its features make it possible to approve time quickly, customize dashboard reports, and visualize your data with an easy to use application that can be customized and tailored for your specific needs.

Financial & Insurance

In today’s digital economy, wealth management, insurance and financial firms rely on their technology for continuous stability in order to be successful.

From data security, hosted applications, to help-desk assistance, and operational sustainability, managed services providers such as Websdepot provide the financial sector the technical infrastructure and expertise that can give your business the competitive advantage. We offer a dynamic range of technology and cyber security services to help improve workflows and ensure that your data is protected from cyber threats.

The financial industry relies on storing and structuring its data efficiently. An effective data management strategy paired with the right cloud platform can increase profits while also lowering existing costs. Websdepot’s Filesafe Cloud is a solution that allows you to control and manage your company’s data by extending office resources and data to any device and collaboration tools to securely share documents with colleagues. We will work with you to develop an effective data management strategy that will increase profits while driving down existing costs.

Franchisors & Retail

Franchisees and retailers need a managed services provider that will be a partner in their success by providing essential infrastructure that will help them save costs, improve efficiency, and have access to team of IT experts.  Our web development and marketing services can help you develop websites with modern features, custom web applications suited to your business, analytics for important data, and digital media strategies.

Our help desk support team monitors your networks and can assist with any hardware and software issues, in order to give your organization peace of mind and more time to focus on your business objectives. We will work with you in order to find the right technology solutions that can be integrated into your workflow and business operations.

Websdepot is a partner in your success by offering your business the expertise and resources necessary to grow your organization.


Not-for-profit and charitable organizations need IT services to protect their data and facilitate their operations and strategies. These organizations are essential in supporting our communities, yet they are challenged with maintaining modern technology due to constrained funding and no in-house IT staff.  Our technology services can provide your organization the technical infrastructure that helps identify potential donors, improve fundraising, and safely secure funds to help you effectively deliver your mission.

We understand that nonprofits require a lot of data in order to support their mission which also means having the necessary infrastructure to carry out their objectives. We have our own data centres and in-house developed cloud technologies that have a variety of tools that can be leveraged for your campaigns and help manage, organize and safely secure your data. Our Eurapp private cloud platform is a data management solution made for easy private collaboration, file-sharing, and a secure connection for data protection and your office applications.

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