COVID-19 Screening Aid Application

We are proud to present our web app to help organizations in Ontario with their COVID-19 screening requirements, we have built an application to aid you and our clients in doing these tasks safely, quickly, and remotely.

This COVID-19 screening tool allows your business or organization to text and/or email employees a scheduled or manual daily request to answer the recommended screening questions, which the employees can do so with ease on any device before they even arrive at the workplace.

Safely assess, as per current provincial requirements and track response status, or more importantly the lack of a response to enforce your reporting protocols at your workplace while saving critical time.

This screening tool makes it simple to monitor the well-being of employees before they arrive at the workplace, in order to avoid the risk of exposure to COVID-19.  When an employee has completed a self-assessment, their manager will receive an email notification of the worker’s status, which they can use to either follow-up or signal that they are cleared to enter the workplace.

How It Works

The Main Menu.

Our Covid-19 screening application is built to be convenient to ensure that employees can easily receive and respond to the questionnaire in order to be cleared before arriving at the workplace. Managers will also have a detailed overview of their responses and can adjust how employees receive the questions, see who has responded, and add notes for specific situations.

The main menu includes three major functions: Employee Response Listing, Add Employee & Send Daily Screening and Company Information & Scheduling.

These areas allow you to customize the parameters of the application to suit your organizational needs, such as adding employees to the list, selecting the time for questions to be sent out automatically, and adjusting whether the questions and responses can be received through email, mobile SMS or both.

This screening aid application is built to be efficient and effective and will become an important asset for your business operations through the pandemic.

Company Information & Scheduling

Add company name, logo and time selection.
Add company name, logo and time selection.

The company information and scheduling settings can easily be adjusted at any time, this is the section where you can make the screening aid application your own.

These settings give you the ability to insert the company logo on the app and the name of the organization, which will then be seen on the emails and SMS screening questions that are sent to employees via those methods.

The time selection setting helps you save time by automating when the questionnaires are sent out on certain days of the week and at specific times.

Select the specific days and hour during the week in which the screening questions are sent out to all employees at the exact same moment, (example: Monday-Friday at 7 AM). This allows you to efficiently schedule and adjust when the questionnaires are sent out to your employees.

Add Employee & Send Daily Screening

Employee Listing and Information.
Employee Listing and Information.

In this section of the app, you can add employees to the screening aid where you can get a full view of their contact information for email and mobile phone, as well as their active or inactive status for them to receive the screening questions.

You can add new employees by simply clicking on the new employee function, where you can add their name, contact information, assign them as either an administrator or regular user on the app, among other features that you can go back and change at anytime.

Once a new employee has been added to the app and marked as active, they will be able to receive the daily screening questions and will be listed with the rest of your employees that show how they are receiving the questions.

You can also re-submit the questionnaire individually as well by clicking on the envelope that will send it to that specific employee directly.

This app is built to be simple, efficient, and effective, that is why we have designed it in a way that you can easily make adjustments when necessary.

Employee Response Listing

Response Listing, Dates, and Employee Status.
Response Listing, Dates, and Employee Status.

This part of the application gives you a complete overview of the daily listings for all employee responses to the screening questions.

Once your company is set up on the app, this is where the administrator will clearly see who has responded to the questions, if they were sent via email or SMS, the date/time the were sent and replied to, and their status on whether they are cleared or not to enter the workplace. These responses are secure and only the manager or administrator of the app can see who has responded.

We have added a colour-coded system to easily identify the status of employees who have received and responded to the questions.

Green signifies employees who have answered ‘no’ to all of the COVID-related questions and are cleared to enter the workplace, red shows that they are not cleared to enter, and grey represents those who have not yet responded to the daily questions.

You can sort the responses based on the different categories and use the search bar for specific employees, dates, responses and other classifications in order to keep track of who is cleared and keep the workplace risk-free.

Helping You Keep Workers and the Workplace Safe

Your company deserves a solution that makes it easier to ensure the safety of your workplace and employees.  Our screening aid application is built to be an essential tool to help Ontario businesses stay organized, efficient and safe through the pandemic.

Our team at Websdepot can get you set up on the app in fifteen minutes, showcasing its features and how you can use them to your advantage.

This application will help save critical work time and keep productivity at a steady pace, while having a reliable resource that allows managers to screen employees on a daily basis to help prevent the spread of COVID-19.

This application can be beneficial for all Ontario organizations and businesses and Websdepot seeks to be a partner in your success with our technology services.  Let’s work together to stop the spread.

Checkout the full demo video of the application here.