Workplace Screening Tool Web App

How It Works:

Nothing to install, get started in minutes.

  • Set up users and a schedule for when the questions are sent out to employees.
  • Easily respond to the screening questions across all devices from anywhere.
  • Get results instantly, track all response status and view who hasn’t responded or is cleared / not cleared.
  • Save time and stay safe with this efficient and easy-to-use web application.



I just wanted to touch base and tell you I’m really happy with this program.  It’s doing everything I need it to do.  Easy to use for me and all employees. Thanks. Hallie B, Health & Safety Manager, Construction Industry

Screen employees before they arrive at the workplace.

Works across all devices instantly.

Easy to use, no training required.
Shift scheduling for different times of the day.
View data and track responses securely.
Filter responses across different criteria.
Custom Questions & settings.




An Efficient & Effective Screening Tool:

Websdepot’s COVID-19 Screening Aid is built to be an essential tool to help organizations stay safer through the pandemic.
From construction job sites to office buildings, those in charge of health & safety at their respective workplace are using the Screening Aid for their benefit.
Sign up today and let’s work together to stop the spread.

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Check out the video to see the Screening Aid in action.

Click here to watch the full demo video of the web application