No change, all of our COVID-19 protocols and expected service levels remain in place as we work together to flatten the curve.

In the meantime here is a comment from our President Dominik Kawnik in case you are not following us on Twitter or LinkedIn for less formal updates.

How can we help you today? If you are already partnered with us you know we are standing by to listen and assist with our talented team in any way we can. I respond to emails and phone calls within 1/2 hour on a busier day and expect no less from anyone on our team. If you have not already spoken with myself or one of the team managers who are your regular points of contact (virtual IT managers we call them to be more geeky) please do reach out if there is anything you are pondering. We really want to hear from you but only if convenient and you have time for us.

We know your staff is talking with your dedicated technical specialists at Websdepot daily for ongoing help desk support or sharing feedback with our developers chipping away at an internal packslip web app project for your shipping department and we are glad to make sure all this is business as usual.

However it is not business as usual for most of you and we get it! There are simply too many COVID-19 update emails, phone calls on stressful topics and long Zoom meetings on internal changes so we want to stay out of your way as good IT is transparent.

We remain diligent in sharing ideas and updates via social media channels so you can digest it at your convenience and to simply let you know we are here for you if you need us. Please contact us if you have any questions about your IT services.

Thank you,

Dominik A. Kawnik – President

Websdepot Technology Partners Inc.


COVID-19 Update – Maintaining the Course – April 2020