New look, New features, & Still Easy-to-Use!

The team at Websdepot are happy to present the latest update for the COVID-19 Screening Aid, which offers new and dynamic features that can help prevent the spread of COVID-19 at your business. This screening tool is available to any Canadian organization that requires a quick and efficient way to screen employees via email or text message before they arrive at the workplace.

This latest version of the web application offers several new enhancements to improve COVID-19 screening protocols at your workplace. Some of these new features include:

  • A new streamlined interface that makes it easier to find and use different settings.
  • An updated visual dashboard with more options to view screening outcomes across different criteria.
  • The ability to add unlimited departments and locations and assign them to users.
  • Easily add, edit, or remove users on the app and categorize them as employees or visitors.
  • Preview and edit the screening outcome messages and tailor them to your workplace protocols.

As we enter a new wave, it is more essential than ever to have a reliable COVID-19 screening tool that can help protect your personnel and stop the spread. Our web app is designed to be as straightforward as possible and offers your business an important tool to help increase workplace safety and to do it efficiently. From construction job sites, to manufacturers, to office buildings, those in charge of health & safety at workplaces across the country are using the Screening Aid for their benefit. This solution is ideal for both small and large companies that need an effective and easy-to-use web app.

We will continue to provide new content updates on our website and various social channels that show the full potential of the latest version of the COVID-19 Screening Aid and how it can be used for your benefit. Stay tuned for more photos and videos.

Save time. Stay safe.

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Screening Aid | Version 2.0 is Now Live – April 2021