I am looking to establish technology partnerships with owners and executives at organizations in an effort to identify practical ideas that can have an immediate impact on operational effectiveness and revenue growth in your industry.

Usually any sized organization can take advantage of the unique Websdepot value proposition of everthing under one roof from hands-on daily IT support, private cloud infrastructure, compliance focused data protection and collaboration along with custom web app development integrating to even your most mission critical systems.

All our deployment of any technology solutions and custom web app development is done by our in-house Markham office team. We don’t outsource!

Our most recent cloud and app solutions are helping manufacturers, engineering firms and to my excitement even golf clubs.

In 2018, I will be growing our software integration and web app development services so that organizations big or small can do more for less. Yet more importantly give you the real-time information you need to make the right decisions from virtually anywhere. All thanks to your ideas and our enhancements in partnership to operational processes within your ERP or similar data rich systems.

Innovate. Automate. Partner with my group at Websdepot and I to compete in this digital economy.

l am an idea investor in this digital economy and some call me an innovator but that’s a stretch. One thing is for sure, I am a proud hockey and soccer dad that sometimes is stretched a bit thin with chauffeur duties.

Let’s connect!

If my team and I cannot help you I will be the first to tell you but you never know when some odd tech observation humorous or not about your industry or your specific needs should we get that far might lead to a great solution idea. In the meantime please follow my late night thoughts and comments on Twitter




A Technology Partner Invested In You