Dear Websdepot clients and partners, I am sure you are all aware of the recent events and already received your fair share of updates from vendors, suppliers and business partners regarding their response to COVID-19.

  As of last week half of our team has been working from home in an effort to keep them isolated and available to support all our ongoing Managed IT services at expected levels. Currently also no one-time project deadlines are impacted, be they new server private cloud deployments, application development and/or website development. Those that remained working from the office were relocated around the 2 units of our office space into individual offices for greater than recommended “social distancing”.

  We expect by the end of the week should nothing change that most of our team will be working from home and we may at most have only one or two individuals at the office to receive deliveries from clients or suppliers. We ask that you not visit our office at this time and if you must, please contact us ahead of time to verify someone is there to meet you and/or ready to receive your equipment drop-off taking the necessary interaction precautions to do so.

  As of this week all onsite work is being extremely limited and being approved by a management committee on case by case basis as we have a responsibility not only to you to keep your critical infrastructure running, networks available for remote access and related support service levels but we also want to keep your team healthy and certainly have a responsibility to our team and their families. We will be taking the necessary self-isolation precautions before and after any onsite work and have a small designated team ready for onsite emergencies that is separate from the critical infrastructure team.

Finally, before this pandemic most of you were already fully mobile or by now have inquired and been assisted with what works best be it your private cloud (Eurapp & Parallels 2X), Filesafe Cloud file collaboration, remote desktop via our support agent tools, webmail or even things like traditional VPN for connectivity back to the office servers as part of our network security services. For most of you, Websdepot client remote access/work options are second nature and standard in most cases with our monthly services.

Should you have any remaining questions at all and still need remote assistance for your staff to work from home or differently at the office, please have them contact our help desk as they normally do. Our help desk team remains available even as they work from home or office with availability to phone system, support tools and data. This is and has always been hybridized for the current scenario, allowing for immediate work from anywhere capabilities for the Websdepot team.

If you have any additional requirements, or concerns about best practices you should implement for home based workers, please do not hesitate to reach out to your main Websdepot contact or virtual IT manager. As our team continues to assist Websdepot clients with their requirements as they react to this ever evolving COVID-19 situation we will continue to update you on any additional steps we are taking in response to information from Public Health and government authorities.

Sincerely, thank you in advance for your understanding and cooperation in this mutual effort to keep our colleagues healthy.

Dominik A. Kawnik – President

Websdepot Technology Partners Inc.


Websdepot Update (COVID-19) – March 16, 2020