Technology Services Are Your Competitive Advantage.

Having computer problems? We got it covered.  Websdepot provides valuable and essential IT services in order to keep your business operations running smoothly and effectively. We can monitor many different IT services including your server system health, data backups, cyber security, and so much more. We can anticipate and resolve any IT issues so that you can focus more time on running your business. Click here to learn more.

Your time is important and help is just a phone call away!  Our help desk support team are here to provide you with IT expertise that you can count on for all of your computer and software needs. We can monitor and troubleshoot all of the workstations on your network either remotely, on the phone, or being there on-site to help with any IT issue your company may be having. We solve 85% of day-to-day issues within 10 minutes of contacting us and we always monitor your networks and systems in order to solve and prevent problems before they occur. Click here to learn more.

Websdepot has its own data centres to ensure that your data is stored securely from threats and can be recovered. Our data centres help facilitate your IT operations and to make sure that your business has the digital infrastructure it needs in order to succeed efficiently and effectively. Eurapp Private Cloud is a business data management solution that securely extend your office resources and applications onto our private cloud platform. This makes it safer to backup data and to share and collaborate on important work documents.

Cyber security is now more important than ever, Websdepot’s security services can improve the protection of your systems and networks from hackers, malware, and other cyber threats.  Cyber criminals are increasingly targeting businesses and organizations that have fewer in-house IT and security staff, making them potentially vulnerable to data breaches and other hazards.  Protect your brand, business and corporate intelligence with Websdepot!  Click here to learn more.

Work from Home. Work from Anywhere.  Filesafe Cloud makes it easier for employees to upload, share, and access workplace documents while also ensuring that your organization’s networks and data are protected by our cybersecurity protections. This private cloud platform is a useful tool to organize your data and access important files from desktop and mobile devices. Control, manage, and protect your organization’s data with our cloud solutions. Learn more.

Our custom built web applications are developed to suit your organization’s needs and fit your business workflow. They can increase business productivity and workplace efficiency by simplifying and automating certain business functions. Invoicetime and GolfCheckout offer unique features that can be specialized for your company and industry needs. Some features include custom reporting, to real-time web dashboards that integrate with your current applications to deliver the business intelligence, data collection, and automated processes you need to succeed. Learn more about our Web Application Development and Integration services.

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