AssetBoard is the new web application developed by the team at Websdepot to manage and track all of your corporate assets in one centralized, online platform that is available anytime, anywhere.

Similar to our other applications Invoicetime and GolfCheckout, this web application can be securely accessed across multiple devices by your employees to update new data and information regarding your corporate assets.

We understand that keeping track of business assets is important for every organization, this is why we have developed a web application designed to save time and improve efficiency in keeping a record of your company’s assets.

What is Asset Tracking Software?

Asset tracking software is a type of software that enables tracking the movement of your devices, equipment and software within your organization.

It provides an inventory of all technology, products, and services that make up a business infrastructure and can track the location of each asset. This digital, centralized system allows your organization to track important details about each asset in real time.

This decreases administrative costs, improves service, and gives your organization greater visibility into asset utilization, costs and maintenance.

AssetBoard dashboard and main menu.

Built for your Business

AssetBoard enables you to label or barcode your equipment, manage the lifecycle of your assets, track asset locations, and create accurate usage reports with performance analytics in order to make data-driven decisions. Our asset management system can easily organize and keep track of all your items and assets and can be adapted to suit your business and the industry that your organization is a part of.

We have built web applications for clients in various industries ranging from manufacturing, distribution, franchisors, finance, property management, engineering and law firms, non-profits, educational and health care institutions all throughout the Greater Toronto Area.

AssetBoard is a web application designed to increase business efficiency and productivity by integrating into your current systems and workflow.

Inventory and categories menu.

Organize & Accelerate your Workflows

AssetBoard is a system that can be configured to work the way you do by allowing faster access to vital asset information and all of your data. Don’t rely only on spreadsheets, when you have access to a technology solution that can adapt to your company’s needs and workflow.

It is the right asset management solution for any business, in any industry, and Websdepot has the expertise and resources to ensure that this application is a tool for your benefit.

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