I have to admit that I always wanted Websdepot to have a monthly newsletter as we have a lot to say about the gaps we see technology can or cannot fill in helping you run your business. Information technology is an always changing industry and what better way to keep our clients informed on these topics than a monthly newsletter right? Actually WRONG!

The better way is talk with your client regularly and listen to what is new with them at the office and if time allows of course outside of the office. As I listen I bring up interesting experiences I recently had with other clients that might quickly help them address a new gap or mention some new interesting technology we came across. Nothing beats the personal touch. Now I know what you are thinking, that is all well and good but what if you simply cannot get to your clients as frequently as you would like. You are 100% correct with this line of thinking. This was not an issue for Websdepot 6 years ago but since our move to our current head office in Markham from Toronto it has been non-stop growth for us thanks to continued client referral mostly with a sprinkle of creative advertising.

Now a newsletter looks like a great tool to stay in touch with our growing client base and as much as I have downsized my responsibilities I still cannot find the time during the business day especially to regularly put together a monthly newsletter. I still prefer to use that little bit of time gained thanks to our team taking over many of my behind the scenes duties to visit clients and talk with them. I learn sometimes more from these visits than any technical webinar or tradeshow. So what does a business owner like me do?

Well you are reading the answer, you create a President’s blog and write when inspired. I don’t ever want Websdepot to lose the personal touch, a key differentiator especially when as an outsourced IT services company we are responsible for keeping your critical business applications running and protecting your information assets. If you want a monthly newsletter then Websdepot is probably not the place for it. I refuse to give this work to some company who doesn’t know you our great clients and send you a template driven collection of articles that I had little input on. If I don’t have the time to write it then I won’t spend the time sending you other people’s work. If you want to talk I am always available and happy to talk about golf, wine and technology of course but most of all I want you to spend your hard earned IT budget wisely thanks to your virtual CIO and IT manager that our unique fully managed IT services always include.

If you find yourself with some rare spare time as running a business doesn’t always afford us that luxury then do visit the old “President’s Blog” for something new and interesting I hope.

To your success!

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