New & Enhanced Features to Protect Your Workplace

New menu with custom questions.

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We continue to update and add new features to the Screening Aid in order to help keep your workplace and personnel safe. As the pandemic continues, it is critical that organizations in Canada have a COVID-19 screening application that can meet all of their needs.

These new features include:

  • Custom Questions Manager
  • Multiple Schedules
  • Assign users to different Groups/Departments
  • Screening Date filtering on Responses
  • Sort by Employees or Visitors

Custom Questions Manager


Create, modify, and preview your custom questions with the COVID-19 Screening Aid. Easily create custom questions that are important to your workplace and customize the web app to suit your organizational needs in a way that is simple and quick.

We have created a custom question setting where you can write specific questions for your employees that are then included in the screening questions form that is sent out. This allows the administrator of the web app to ask questions about specific scenarios and issues that directly affect your workplace and department.

Custom Questions Setup

This custom module is not part of the standard web app, but it can be included as an additional feature at your request that Websdepot will activate.

On the custom questions’ setup, there is a preview button that allows the admin to view the format of what the custom question form will look like to those receiving them. This will allow you to plan and layout the questions accordingly based on your priorities.

Multiple Schedules

We have created a new add-on module that allows your business to have multiple schedules that can be assigned to employees for them to receive the screening questions at different times of the week before their next shift begins. Useful for part timers, weekend shifts, four day work week, afternoon shifts, night shifts and more.

Multiple schedules menu

Easily create unlimited customized schedules that can help your business plan effectively for when the screening questions are sent and to always ensure that employees, visitors, and other staff are always being screened for COVID-19 before they arrive at the workplace.  Select the specific days and time for when the questions are sent out and assign the schedule to individual employees.

Contact us and we will implement this custom add-on feature as a part of your screening protocols.

Group / Department Setup

This setting makes it easier to filter through employees and their responses, particularly for larger organizations with multiple personnel and visitors that enter the workplace often. The admin can use this feature on the Employee Listing and Employee Responses sections of the web app. (See images for reference).

New Department/Group

To set up this feature, go into Employee Listing, from there click on the edit user information button on the right-hand side of the individual user and then select the ‘Department/Group’ function to place them.

Click on the edit user function to view employee information and to select their department.

This will allow the admin to categorize the employee by the department that they belong to. You can add a new department by simply clicking on the ‘+’ beside the ‘Department/Group’ function, where one can name and save the department that will then be set up in the app.

Select or add a new department.

It is an easy and simple process to add new departments and assign employees to them accordingly. This feature is particularly useful for larger organizations with multiple employees across different departments or groups. Easily keep track and filter responses while doing it quickly and effectively. We’ll explain how to use this feature in the next section.

Group / Department Filtering on Responses & Employee Listing

Now that this feature is set up, you can now easily sort through employees and their responses by different departments or groups in the app.

Department / Group listing

In the Employee Responses section of the app, the admin can search and examine all of the screening responses across multiple variables, such as name, date, SMS, email, status and more.  Simply click on the ‘Department/Group’ variable to cycle through all of the responses that were made by employees in different departments. This feature also applies to the Employee Listing part of the app, so that you can easily find employees based on their department as well, before sending out the questions.

Filter by Department / Group

This feature offers a detailed breakdown of the screening question responses in your organization, without needing to manually parse through all of the data. It is a quick and efficient method of filtering the responses among employees in different departments and in order to find the data that you need.

Screening Date Filtering on Responses 

We have also enhanced the option to search and filter responses based on specific dates, making it easier to go back, view, and keep track of past responses which is useful for contact tracing.  To do this, simply select the ‘screening date’ in the Employee Responses section to view all of the responses that were made by users on a particular day.

Search by screening date

The app automatically keeps track of all of the responses that have been received and this is another feature of the app that simplifies plays a pivotal role in keeping your workplace safe.

Sort by Employees & Visitors

Designate and sort all users and their responses based on whether they are regular employees or visitors to the workplace.

Designate which individual users are regulars or visitors.

This important function makes it simple to identify employees that are using the Screening Aid on a regular basis or visitors that are arriving at the job site on a specific day.

Easily sort through and modify these users as you use the application over time to include various visitors and employees. This useful feature of the Screening Aid helps keep your workplace safer and makes it easier to keep track of who is at the workplace on any given day.

Sort by regular employees or visitors.

These features expand the functionality of the Screening Aid to meet your organizational needs, while also keeping it simple and easy-to-use. Our COVID-19 screening application benefits employees, managers, and businesses as a tool that is designed to be reliable and give you peace of mind as you focus on your operations.

Save time and stay safe with our COVID-19 Screening Aid web application.

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